You want to become the leader in your class?

You want to become the leader in your class? You want to be an influential person who will make a difference in this world? Believe it or not, essay writing skills are closely intertwined with those goals of yours. If you master the art of academic expression, you’ll be able to present your opinions in an authoritative manner that will guide people towards a certain decision. They won’t even notice that you’re influencing their thinking patterns if you are able to provide a believable thesis and strong arguments.

Thanks to the following 10 tools, you’ll become an essay writing guru in no time!

The Easy Essay

The magic of academic writing starts with planning. If you don’t have a clear vision of the paper you are going to compose, the final result will be messy and unstructured. If, on the other hand, you use this organization software, you’ll have a clear guideline that will help you write a focused essay.

The tool will help you compose a thesis and support it with the right number of arguments and facts.

Read Write Think – Essay Map

This is another great tool to use during the pre-writing stages. The interactive guide will help you come up with a map of the essay, which will contain a brief explanation of the introduction, three main ideas, supporting details, and a conclusion. When you organize your thoughts thanks to this map, the writing stage will consume less time and effort.

Thesis Builder

Think of the most challenging part of an academic project. What prevents you from completing it without much struggle? It’s the thesis statement, right? Thanks to this tool, you no longer need to avoid thinking about that part. If you already have a topic, you can proceed to the step of creating a strong thesis statement right away. If not, you can use this online tool to come up with a topic as well.

The software requires you to provide the topic, your main opinion, two strong arguments, and one argument against that opinion. Then, you’ll get your thesis statement, so you can proceed to the outlining process.

Birmingham City University – How to Write an Essay

If you start looking for essay writing guides, Google will serve thousands of websites that could be helpful on your journey to becoming a writing guru. However, not all of them are detailed and effective enough. This one is different. The guide provided by the Birmingham City University may seem boring when you first start reading it, but it’s the most comprehensive explanation of the essay writing process.


Essay Writing Service

You want to maintain your reputation as an essay writing guru, but you don’t have time to write all papers your professors require? The professional writers hired by this service are always on your side. They can help you complete an essay, research paper, lab report, case study, or any other academic project.

This website also features free tips and infographics in the blog section. The essay writing guide will help you understand the structure of this basic type of academic paper. In addition, you can access a free glossary of essay writing terms, which will help you understand the instructions of your professor before proceeding with the process of completion.

About Education – How to Write an Essay

If you want a clearer guide through the stages of essay writing, this article won’t take much of your time. Although it is brief, it contains more information than you initially expect. The tips are on point – the guide tells you to select a topic, choose a central idea and organize the paper around it. If you follow all steps as explained, you’ll surely end up with a decent paper by the deadline.

Paraphrasing Tool

Have you ever wondered how those especially talented students in your class handle all essay assignments with no complains? Here is their secret: paraphrasing. They combine few resources and rewrite the content they find online. This won’t be their own work, but it will be ignored by plagiarism search engines. Of course, you can only hope your professor hasn’t read the articles you are about to paraphrase, so make sure to think of an original main idea and support it with your own arguments.

You can use the Paraphrasing Tool to rewrite some sentences, but don’t take the risk of paraphrasing entire chunks of text.

English Practice

No matter how much you want to avoid grammar rules and tests, they are essential for your success as a student and professional in any field. Subscribe to free grammar updates at this website, and you’ll get a regular dose of short lessons that you’ll easily comprehend.

In addition to the Essay Writing category, there are several other sections that will boost your writing skills: English games, English quiz, expressions, common mistakes, business English, letter writing, and more.

The Five-Paragraph Essay

Before you can move on to more complex projects, such as research papers, theses and dissertations, you should master the basic five-paragraph essay structure. At this website, you’ll find a comprehensive guide that explains all parts a proper paper should contain.
You’ll understand what exactly the introduction needs to contain, and then you can proceed writing the body paragraphs and the conclusion according to the guide.

Time4Writing – Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an Essay

Here is another guide that helps you approach the process of essay writing from the right angle. In addition to explaining the parts your paper is supposed to contain, this online resource also offers tips on how to develop the thesis statement.


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